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We are IT. We know what an IT needs. Let's do IT!
wecollab provides tutorials and refreshers for IT Pro or students, and actual trainings and skills camp for private schools and companies to enhance your skills because skills matter.

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The advantages of our tutorials are:

  1. We identify what you need to know beforehand.
  2. We identify what applications you need to prepare (software requirements as well as hardware requirements) and how to install them.
  3. We prepared an easy to understand, straight to the point tutorial.
  4. We apply traditional coding process or learning.

Featured Tutorials
For you to be able to download the tutorials, please register here.

  1. 1C:Enterprise
    The business application development platform that let’s you deploy desktop app to a web or mobile app.

  2. Starting BootStrap 4
    What is Bootstrap 4? This tutorial will help you design responsive and mobile-ready websites.

  3. Programming 101
    Do you find programming difficult? This tutorial will change the way you think of programming.

  4. #CSharp
    Easily develop software systems by using this platform.

  5. Using VPN (DIY – Do It Yourself)
    Maximize your data using this free technology.

  6. PC Reformat Made Easy (DIY – Do It Yourself)
    You will never spend money again in reformatting your PC.

  7. PC Reformat Made Easy (DIY – Do It Yourself)
    You will never spend money again in reformatting your PC.

  8. Hybrid Mobile App Development
    Develop Android and iOS Apps using web technologies.

  9. Ai Made Easy
    Using Adobe Illustrator has never been this easy.

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Actual, Hands-on Tutorial and Training
We could teach you in an actual, hands-on session, let us know if you need our assistance by filling up this form. Actual, hands-on session cost starts at $6.00 or PHP300.00 per hour (minimum of 4 hours). Let’s do IT!

Other Services

  1. Advanced Training Courses
    Apply for advanced, actual, and hands-on session by filling up this form. Session cost starts at $6.00 or PHP300.00 per hour (minimum of 4 hours) or less cost if by group.

  2. Project Assistance
    Let us know how we could help in your project, documentation, and presentation by filling up this form. Starts at $400.00 or PHP20,000.00.

  3. On-the-Job Training (OJT)?
    We will guide you as you prepare for your Thesis or Capstone and mold your IT Skills to be industry-ready. We will also help you create your portfolio. Fill-up this form initially for reservation or follow the steps for your OJT/Internship application:

    1. Send updated Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio (if available) via (with the subject “#Internship”) for initial evaluation.
    2. Schedule for interview (attitude and communication test).
    3. Schedule for demo (hands-on/actual for skills test).
    4. Fix OJT schedule, target hours per week, weekly reports, and duration.
    5. Start of training (experience being a part of the development team).
    6. Create project as output/portfolio with presentation (basis for final grade or assessment).

Skills Camp

The idea of Skills Camp

  1. Skills Camp is a wecollab program or event that aims to enhance students’ and employees’ skills by series of trainings and assess them through different categories of Skills Competition or Assessment. This event will introduce and expose the students and employees to new sets of required industry skills in different fields or areas of specialization or trade.
  2. Aside from the trainings, participants will also undergo team building to develop other set of skills like life, leadership, and social skills. Venue will be at the school or company.
  3. Skills Camp topics are limited to what wecollab offers. Please see topics here or via our UseITApp which will be available very soon.
  4. Skills Camp is open for sponsorship or partnership.
  5. Package starts at $400.00 or PHP20,000.00 inclusive of 1 day team building, 3-day training (or more if required) plus 2-day competition or assessment. Preparations will start prior to the training. Final cost will depend on the requirements.
  6. Skills Camp is initially limited to Bulacan, Pampanga, NCR, and nearby areas or provinces.

Do you want to conduct a Skills Camp and Actual training in your school/company? Let us know the requirements by filling up this form. Let’s do IT!

wecollab Community

Status: Occupied (3 Positions)
Posted: July 7, 2019
Position: 3 Subject Content Coordinators, one for each area (Business Information System, Communication, and Business/Marketing)
Qualifications: Minimum Masters Degree, but will prioritize Doctoral Degree (passion in teaching, research, and community service)
Company: Binus University
Instructions: Send your CV and Portfolio via (to be forwarded to our contact)

Status: OCCUPIED (1 Position)
Posted: June 12, 2019
Position: IT Staff
Qualification: IT Graduate or any related course
Company: Toyota Fairview
Instructions: Made unavailable

You can be a part of wecollab's Training Center by sharing your expertise through a tutorial. Submit your tutorial with this form.


Skills Camp Philippines (Starting February 2020)
wecollab, together with 1C Company, will be having Skills Camp Philippines. We are targeting to bring the event on a national level while having the objective to involve and help the community. This year’s theme focuses on CommApps | The Community Apps Development Competition with the purposes of introducing 1C:Enterprise while being of service to different communities of the Philippines.

Project Development Competition (2021)
wecollab is launching its first ever Project DevCom. Start of project submission will be January 2021, deadline will be March 2021, and awarding will be during our Summer Skills Camp in May 2021.


  1. These are free project downloads from wecollab.
  2. Please use them only as references and do not use any vital information like company names, etc. in your own project.
  3. Please do not resell the projects.
  4. Users must have an account/code to download the zip file or get download codes via our social media accounts.
  5. If you are interested in learning how to create the following projects, we could teach you in an actual, hands-on session, just fill-up this form. Actual, hands-on session cost starts at $6.00 or PHP300.00 per hour (minimum of 4 hours).

Please let us know what you think.

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